And Roger Ebert sums it up.

This journal is coming at you in the highly technological and amazing format of 2D text! (or is the fact that you are more than likely reading this with pixels on a screen make the actual text of this message in 1D?) That will be an extra $3.00 please.

Ok. I get it. 3D movies are big right now.

I knew it would be like this when I first saw the craze coming about with Coraline. A movie that distinctly seemed to me that it didn't need to be in 3D. In fact I enjoyed the movie less for it being in 3D.

I know it was around before that, but in my world, it feels very much that Coraline was the linchpin removed. Then came tumbling out of my local theater were all these movies that were in 3D. And then Avatar moved in and didn't leave for what felt like half a year.

And now where are we? Clash of the Titans. Alice in Wonderland. How to Train your Dragon. The Last Airbender. (which I -do- want to see, but refuse to see in 3D.) Prince of Persia.

All for what exactly? The screen seems dimmer. The tickets cost more. It's a toss up on if it will give me eye strain or not (I have discovered the key to avoiding it is always staying focused on the field of the white screen. It's a learning process, and irritating to think about during a movie, when all I want is to enjoy the story and not think about my eyeballs.) and even then I have to wear the glasses, which feel small on my unnaturally LARGE and BEAUTIFUL head.

I'm not a fan of 3D. But like many others, I'm tolerating it.

I almost didn't go see "How to Train Your Dragon" because it was a 3D film, but when it came back from several peers that it was a great movie, I too really wanted to see it. So I did that, this past Sunday.

I walk up to the theater and get charged $8.00 for a 2:15 pm Sunday show.

I know the price of entertainment always goes up. I'm in a small Missouri town and maybe some of you who will read this far will feel that I shouldn't be complaining about an $8.00 ticket. Let me tell you that I understand that in the big city the price is reflected to be higher.

And what do the ticket sellers say?

"Oh! It's a surcharge for the 3D glasses."


So I went to the manager and asked. "Why is it that I can not save resources, keep my glasses at the end of the movie, and save everyone a buck for the premium charge?"

And the manager looked at me with an expression of well rehearsed sympathy, giving me an explanation that he must have given many people before me. "Oh you see..." He said. "The charge isn't just for the glasses, it's because the projector for the 3D light cost us (Some number I don't remember but ended with...) Million Dollars. And then there is the fact that making a movie in 3D costs more on the production side in Hollywood, and the entire process is just more expensive in general. So. It's sold at a premium to cover the off set."


So I guess that means when we've paid off the projectors the cost will go back down right?


So. In short. I'm paying $3.00 more for an experience that more often than not irritates me as I try to enjoy my movie. This is honestly the frustration I feel. I wanted to go see "How to Train Your Dragon" while it was still in theater, but couldn't find it in a non 3D experience.

I think I'm going to up my irritation to an outright boycott.

I'm not paying for it. And I want hollywood to get the message that gimmicks are no replacement for talent. 3D didn't make "How to Train Your Dragon" the great movie it was. In fact, I would say that 3D was last in line for the credit.

What made that movie great was the coloring. The superb animation rendering. The story wasn't awful. The script had clever moments. THE DRAGON WAS SO CUTE I WANTED TO HUG HIM AND STEAL HIM HOME.

The 3D? I could have done without.


Anyway. I found this great article in Newsweek about it. And Roger Ebert sums it up better than I could, with reasons far more solid and well spoken.

If you have the time, I suggest you read the article:

"Why I Hate 3-D (And You Should Too)
I'm not opposed to 3-D as an option. I'm opposed to it as a way of life."

I lose at the internet. (Please do read.)

I've lost my entire AOL, ICQ, And MSN contact lists on my instant messaging.

Please don't ask me how I did it. Just know that I am incredibly stupid. Thank you.

Now! Please help! If you know for a fact you were on my AOL, ICQ, or MSN contact list, please IM me. I should be online a lot. Seriously. Im me so I can re-add you. Pleeeeease.

I lost so many people.

*flops about* Gaaaaaaah!
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To an artshow I go OR bust.

Hey everyone. Your going to be seeing a lot of this in the next month as I beg my way to my next art show. I really would like to be able to afford a full art panel at Archon, a mid-missouri sci-fi fantasy convention that happens every year in october.

It will cost me roughly $150.00 to fund the entire trip, but it's worth every penny to me if it means that I'm getting my artowrk out there and shown to people. I'm not going to be making any profit off the trip- more than likely, because I'm fresh intermediate meat, in the art world.

But the action is important to me.

So! Here's my idea. I give you art, to show art. I do art, to do more art. It should be a self perpetuation of art. Lots of art. I'll be working on pieces for the show in September, but I'll also be doing these tokens- to tempt my friends, and others, into handing me small amounts of money to pool into my "I need to show my art in an art show." funds.

In short, your helping me be an artist.

I'm open for buisness.

Know anyone who would like something 8x10 or smaller to hang in their home? Maybe a nice 5X7 to have in your office at work? Know anyone would likes sci-fi/fantasy artwork who has a birthday coming up? Feeling extra special nice?

Even if you do nothing but offer me words of encouragement, that's awesome. At the very least- I'll be doing a lot of art this month. If you hate seeing my art, then this is a good time for you to ignore my LJ.

Without further ado!

The two pieces below are both mix media. Watercolor, ink, and pen. The first one is finished and ready to be appreciated for a mere $5. More details next to the pieces in captions.

The second piece isn't finished enough to my expectations. Provided that I don't ruin it, it is slightly larger- and will probably be selling anywhere from $7 - $15 dollars. (It depends on how hit turns out.) I'll show you progress on it as it comes along.

Lady of the Wood Lady of the Wood
This is a small piece, about 4.5 inches X 3 inches. Made to fix nicely in a store bought 5 X 7 mat, to fit in a 5 X 7 frame. If you like to support my studio efforts, this piece is for sale- just as is. I am willing to mail, provided that mailing costs are covered.
Peace Park 1 Peace Park 1
Not finished yet, but it is designed to fit a 8 X 10 frame and mat.

Lastly, it was mentioned to me by a few friends that I should put my pay pal donation button up for those who just want to toss a buck in, to help. Certainly, that isn't my design here. I want to provide a service for you. But when I made this argument, they replied that some people feel that the service would be seeing me do something with my art, instead of always waiting. So with that, I humbly provide the button. Anything that you donate will go towards art, which means: Art supplies and shows. On that- I solemnly swear.

Also, a visual meter that measures how I'm doing between both Donations and Sales for the final amount needed:
Zokutou word meter
0 / 150

If you do donate, make sure you leave me an address so I can personally thank you! I really do appreciate all the love and support I've gotten from family and friends over the years. In all honestly, if it wasn't from you all telling me I'm worth the effort- I wouldn't of even gotten this far.

Exciting things to come!
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Would you rather...

Another set of questions from one card of the Would you Rather deck. Only because it's saturday, and I know Reg will love it.

Poll #1124084 01/19/08

Would you rather...

During a Tornado, be caught in your kitchen with all your cultery flying around at hundreds of miles per hour, making them all lethal weapons.
Be outside when several electrical wires fall around you and begin to flip around like charged snakes.

Would you rather...

Wet your pants in front of your work colleagues.
Be caught picking your nose and eating what ever you picked from it.

Would you rather...

Eat a piece of coal.
Eat five boxes of matches.

Would you rather...

Recieve a $200 parking ticket that you feel you can contest in court.
Recieve a $40 ticket that you know you deserve.

Would you rather...

Be a psychic that can sense people's dislikes.
Be a psychic that can sense people's fears.
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Don't say I never loved you Reg.

So, as requested, numerous times by my friend regenald here are a few would you rather questions, strait from the card of the would you rather game. This card was a bit of a dud. :) I even left one off because I thought it was too uneven of a choice.

Refresher, the point of the game is to predict what the group of people who are voting with you will pick of the two. It's a discussion game, where everyone but the person who is predicting for points gets to discuss the pros and cons of the questions. After the group agrees on one of the two options, the predictor reveals what they thought at the beginning (and wrote down on the slip of paper).

Obviously we can't play here on LJ, but the questions are amusing. So vote away, and I'll put up more polls tomorrow.

Poll #1123306 01/18/08

Would you rather...

Have to spend a day wearing underwear filled with molasses.
Have to spend a day wearing underwear filled with gravel.

Would you rather...

Unwittingly take a first date to a movie that turns out to be a porno flick.
Unwittingly take a first date to a sporting event that turns out to be a cockfight.

Would you rather...

While serving an impatient, powerful movie producer in a chich L.A. resturant, drop his filet mignon on the floor and then tell him he has to wait another 20 minutes for his dinner...
-OR- wipe off the filet, cover it with more sauce, and risk being detected?

Would you rather...

Wake up in the morning after a drunken night and inexplicable find blood allover yourself and all over your bed...
-OR- find your .38 pistol, usually stored in a closet sitting next to you on the nightstand with two bullets missing?