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9 July
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Primarily I identify myself as an artist. But that is certainly not limited to the only thing I define myself as. I attended Kansas City Art Institute for three years before I decided to leave to seek bluer waters. I toy with the idea of completing my BFA at Mizzou but I find myself still burned by the experience of stifling art college. I primarily draw, but I have skills in Photoshop and sewing- and when I do artwork, it's almost always mixed media. If I'm going to only stick to one medium in a piece typically its Photoshop or Watercolor. I want to get into wood burning/staining pieces.

I have yet to build a proper website for my artwork and only started to pick up my lost skills and treat my talent as my profession in 2007. I have many sketches posted online in my live journal gallery: http://pics.livejournal.com/sneakingyoda/

Another attribute that one may think of when they think of me is the fact that I'm an avid gamer and lover of games in general. This is not exclusive to one type of game but happily encompasses: flash games, logic games, board games (old and new)(mainstream and rare), Chess, Pente, Othello, GO, and various others. The list of games I have encountered is too vast to recount properly. I've played a multitude of video games on several platforms. MMO's I wasted my life on are: Evercrack, World of Warcrack, and Neverwinter Nights. I tried guild wars, but WoW won. (Neverwinter nights, interestingly enough- trumped WoW)

As of late, I've backed off of MMO's entirely, and generally amuse myself with Chess, or other board games, like Risk, Settlers of Catan, and Last Night on Earth. I play about on my computer with Spore. And I jam out time to time with some Guitar Hero and other wii games. :)

Explaination of the nicknames:

Sneakingyoda- Was given to me while playing Perfect Dark with a few friends. Primarily it was because of the way I play FF shooters. I prefer to crouch and sneak up behind people- kill them- and then take their stuff. One day in a fit of frustration a friend cried out- "you like some damned sneaking *flustered* Yoda!" I immediately changed my sign in name on the n64 to Sneakingyoda. The name stuck as a sign in name ever sense because of originality.

Irisnine- Self contrived combination that is both personal and my favorite number. It looks cool and would make a better signature on my art work than my first and last name: which for those who know me personally, understand why I may seek out a different pen name. I have also toyed with Elaine Iris for my art sig, and I need to decide on one soon.